When to Get Wedding Bands?

when to get wedding bands

Choosing these bands involves various considerations, including the length of your engagement, whether to go for custom designs or pre-made options, and, importantly, how to budget for this meaningful purchase. This guide aims to provide valuable insights and practical advice to help you navigate the process of selecting your wedding bands, ensuring that your choice reflects your personal style and relationship and fits comfortably within your wedding plans and budget.

Consider the Engagement Period

The length of your engagement significantly influences when to get wedding bands. Couples with a longer engagement period have the luxury of time, allowing them to explore a wider range of options, including custom designs or specific brands that may have longer production and delivery times. This extended period also offers the opportunity to thoroughly research and select a ring that truly resonates with your style and the symbolism you want it to represent. 

On the other hand, for those who have opted for a shorter engagement, it's prudent to prioritize the selection of wedding bands early in the planning process. This approach is crucial to ensure ample time for customization, sizing, and any necessary adjustments, avoiding any last-minute rush or compromises in choice.

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 That the tradition of exchanging wedding bands dates back thousands of years? It's a symbolic gesture of commitment and unity.

Custom Designs

Opting for custom-designed wedding bands is a choice  many couples make to ensure their rings are as unique as their relationship . This process, however, is time-intensive, beginning with the initial consultation and design phase. During this stage, couples work closely with a jeweler or designer to discuss their vision and preferences, incorporating unique elements into the design. This collaborative and creative process can span several weeks or months, as it involves refining ideas and finalizing the design.

Once the design is approved, the production phase begins. The duration of this stage depends on various factors, including the complexity of the design, the materials used, and the jeweler's workload. Crafting a custom ring requires precision and a high degree of craftsmanship, which cannot be rushed. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that the final product is not just a piece of jewelry but a meaningful symbol of the couple's love and commitment.

After the rings are crafted, they may require final adjustments for the perfect fit and finish. This stage also accounts for additional time if the rings need to be shipped from a non-local designer. Given these considerations, couples interested in custom wedding bands should start the process at least six months to a year before their wedding. This timeline allows for a thorough and unhurried process, ensuring the rings are ready in time for the special day.

Ordering and Sizing

For couples choosing pre-made wedding bands, the timeline, while generally shorter, still demands careful planning. The process begins with the selection and ordering of the rings. This stage, though seemingly straightforward, involves exploring various styles, metals, and jewelers to find the perfect match, which can take considerable time.

Once the rings are selected, sizing becomes the next critical step.  Ensuring a correct and comfortable fit may require additional time for resizing . This aspect is crucial, as the rings should not only look beautiful but also be comfortable to wear daily.


Furthermore, availability and delivery times must be considered. Some rings, especially those from popular designers or specialty collections, may have waiting periods for production and delivery. To ensure a smooth process, it's recommended that couples start selecting and ordering ready-made rings a few months before their wedding. This approach allows ample time for exploration, decision-making, and sizing adjustments and accounts for any potential delays in delivery.

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Integrating the cost of the rings into the overall wedding budget early on is key. This approach involves researching the average costs of wedding bands, which can vary based on material, design, and gemstones, and then setting a realistic budget that aligns with your overall financial situation. This budget should consider your savings, monthly income, and other wedding expenses, ensuring that the cost of the bands is manageable without compromising other aspects of your wedding or causing undue financial stress.

Beyond setting a budget, consider strategies for making the purchase more affordable. Start saving incrementally if you're eyeing a specific type or ring style outside your budget. Setting aside a small amount each month can make even the more expensive rings attainable over time. Additionally, explore financing options offered by jewelers. If you opt for financing, be sure to thoroughly understand the terms, including interest rates and repayment plans, to ensure they fit within your broader financial plan.

Another smart approach to purchasing wedding bands within a budget is taking advantage of seasonal sales. Jewelers often offer significant discounts at various times throughout the year. For instance, post-holiday sales following major holidays like Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Mother's Day are excellent opportunities for finding deals. Similarly, many jewelry stores hold anniversary sales, and events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are known for deep discounts. Even the end of the financial year can present a chance to purchase bands at a reduced price as retailers look to boost their sales figures.

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What to Engrave on Wedding Ring?

Choosing what to engrave on a wedding ring transforms a beautiful piece of jewelry into a unique symbol of love and commitment. The engraving can be anything that holds special meaning to the couple, from traditional choices like the wedding date, initials, or names to more personal and creative options such as a short love quote, a line from a favourite song, or even coordinates of a meaningful location. Some couples opt for inside jokes that only they understand, adding a layer of intimacy to the bands. For those who cherish privacy, engraving in a language or script that is significant to the couple, such as Latin, Elvish, or even binary code, offers a unique touch. The decision on what to engrave should reflect the couple's relationship and the message they want to carry with them daily. It's a small, intimate detail that makes a wedding band truly one-of-a-kind, capturing the essence of the bond it represents.

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When to Get Wedding Bands?

The journey to selecting the perfect wedding bands is a significant and personal aspect of the wedding planning process. Whether you have a long or short engagement period, the key is to start the search early, especially if considering custom designs. Custom bands offer a unique representation of your relationship but require considerable time for consultation, design, production, and final adjustments. On the other hand, choosing pre-made bands still demands careful consideration of style, sizing, availability, and delivery times.

Budgeting for your wedding bands is equally crucial. Setting a realistic budget that aligns with your overall financial plan, saving incrementally for more expensive choices, exploring financing options, and taking advantage of seasonal sales are all strategies that can help manage expenses without sacrificing the quality or significance of your rings.

Ultimately, the wedding bands you choose symbolize your love and commitment, and their selection should reflect your personal style, relationship, and shared values. By planning, considering all options, and making informed decisions, you can ensure that your wedding bands not only enhance the beauty of your wedding day but also hold cherished memories and meaning for many years to come.