On the Topic of Tungsten

Tungsten Rings for Wedding Bands have become an increasingly popular choice. Tungsten Carbide is the material used when crafting tungsten jewelry and it offers many advantages that buyers consider when making their selection.
Redwood Rings is dedicated to making high quality Tungsten jewelry products with a wide selection of styles and colors. Let’s take a look at what makes Tungsten such a smart choice for men and women:




Tungsten offers durability only rivaled by a few materials (such as diamond). The Mohs hardness scale tell us how easy it is for a material to be scratched or indented by other materials and has a range from 1 to 10, with Tungsten dialing in at a very strong 9. This means your Redwood Rings Tungsten Jewelry will remain durable for years to come, even with regular use.




The natural silver to gunmetal color of Tungsten Carbide pairs very well with several different colors and exotic inlay materials. This allows jewelers a wide range of freedom to create unique designs.
Finding the right pair of Tungsten Wedding Bands for you and your partner is easy!

Redwood Rings uses ion plated products for all of our alternate colors. Ion Plating offers high durability, uses less material, and can come in a variety of finishes from highly polished to matte. Ion plating offers five to eight times the durability of other plating methods. We do recommend you review our care guide for your purchase. For any plated jewelry, no matter where it comes from, the plating will have different characteristics from the base metal. This is because it may not necessarily have the hardness, and may require different care procedures.




The manufacturing process for Tungsten Jewelry is unique. To work with the metal, jewelers create a Tungsten Carbide alloy (by adding carbon to pure Tungsten) with small amounts of nickel or cobalt added in as a binder. In the case of Tungsten rings, the alloy is poured into a mold, allowing for the ring to be easily beveled, faceted, inlaid, or “hammered.” This versatility is reflected in our collection of Tungsten Bands for Men and Women.




Tungsten is a beautiful metal, but not an overly expensive one. Even with exotic inlays and special finishes, a Tungsten Carbide Ring will have more approachable price than its gold or platinum counterparts.




Tungsten alone is completely hypoallergenic. Occasionally, some Tungsten Carbide rings with high levels of Cobalt can produce allergic reactions in a small number of wearers. Redwood Rings uses primarily Tungsten Carbide Nickel Alloy products with only a minute amount of Nickel, and are hypoallergenic.


Ease of Care


Tungsten Carbide is extremely resilient and unlikely to tarnish, scratch, or dent. Moisture does not affect the finish, even after long periods of exposure. Tungsten plating however, can be affected by harsh chemicals such as chlorine. It’s recommended that you remove your ring if you are going to be in contact with such chemicals for long periods. A brief exposure is unlikely to have any effect. If your ring is exposed to any chemicals that might cause damage, a quick clean-up with water and detergent-free soap is all that is needed to keep your ring in perfect condition. For Redwood Rings with Ion Plating color options, we recommend reviewing our care guide for more information on how to care for your ring.

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